Building Resilient Communities/Prevention and Countering of Violent Extremism (P/CVE)

About Program

Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) Programme was introduced in January 2015. It remains the largest and most dynamic programme of KCSS which serves essentially KCSS ends. This programme combines a strong portfolio of research and advocacy in national, regional, and international level. In the framework of this programme, KCSS conducted tens of research reports and policy papers including dozens of awareness raising, advocacy and capacity building activities. KCSS managed to become member of important international networks of think tanks, most notably the Resolve Network established by United States Institute for Peace (USIP) part of which are some of the best organizations/universities in the world covering this topic. KCSS programme made extensive changes in the policy and legal framework of Kosovo in the field of P/CVE while it is a flagship programme of KCSS with extensive global reach. This programme will be further developed by: 

  • Maintaining research capacities in this area so to keep KCSS engaged in the local, regional and international projects;
  • Further work in diversifying partnerships in the regional and international level;
  • Launching of innovative projects with original ideas;
  • Adopting project activities and themes in line with new dynamics in the field;