Building Resilience and Countering Violent Extremism

About Program

This program aims to address the phenomenon of violent extremism, preventing and countering it in the community through building resilient communities. KCSS has been engaged since 2013 in raising citizens' awareness of the risk of violent extremism and the importance of the resilient communities in preventing this phenomenon. We aim to achieve this goal by working with the community as well as decision-making bodies at central and local level. At the local level we mainly involve relevant actors such as representatives of municipalities, civil society, security institutions, the Islamic Community, and the media, while at the central level KCSS is involved in drafting the National Strategy Against Violent Extremism, as well as in many policy-making programs and advocacy through research.

Our research and activities in this program include not only Kosovo, but also the region, seeing that the findings of our analysis show the connection between regional countries in countering violent extremism. Furthermore, this program has an international reach through the fruitful cooperation we have with well-known organizations such as:  US Institute for Peace, UK Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Berghof Institute, Norwegian Council for Foreign Affairs (NUPI), Resolve Network etc.