Two schools sharing a yard and a children's playground


Dy shkolla që ndajnë një oborr dhe një harmoni loje fëmijësh

In the courtyard shared by the two schools in the village of Binçë in Vitija, "Ndre Mjeda" in Albanian and "Mladen Markovic" in Serbian, 12 students, 7 Serbian and 5 Albanian, learn and play. Albanian and Serbian personnel meet every day in the yard, and open and close the common gate of these two schools together.

The Public Interest Community Forum, an informal multi-ethnic group founded at the beginning of April, visited Binca on Tuesday, where Serbs and Albanians in the courtyard of their schools talk about excellent inter-ethnic relations between staff and students. They have a yard full of greenery, a common sports field in the middle of the yard, where all the students play together.

In an open conversation with the Community Forum for Public Interest team, who expressed their willingness to offer a donation for any project, the hosts easily agreed that a playground would be a suitable project for the children of the two schools. They also highlighted other needs, such as the lack of drinking water, the outdated metal gate of the school, as well as the damaged stairs in one building.

At the Tuesday meeting of this forum, chaired by the deputy mayor of the municipality, Hasan Aliu, it was reported about the completion of another project, the ramps on the city's sidewalks, to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities. This forum, composed of Albanian and Serbian municipal officials and representatives of civil society and village councils and urban areas, meets on a regular basis to promote civic activism in the service of multi-ethnic initiatives, in the municipality where Albanians live in harmony and peace, Serbs and Croats.

The project "Promoting cooperation and inter-ethnic reconciliation" is financed by the Stability Pact Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office and implemented by the Kosovo Center for Security Studies. He is supporting community forums for public interest in Graçanica, Lipjan, Kamenica, Viti, Mitrovica and Shtërpcë.