Gender, Peace and Security

About Program

The Gender and Security Programme has been developed to support Kosovo’s progress in achieving objectives outlined in the Women, Peace and Security agenda. In line with UNSCR 1325, KCSS’s Gender and Security Programme aims to support public security institutions in Kosovo in establishing internal and external gender-responsive policies. Among others, the programme aims to ensure gender-equal participation across Kosovo’s main security institutions such as the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) and the Kosovo Police (KP). Additionally, it seeks to consolidate a breadth of research identifying the main challenges related to gender-responsive security reform in Kosovo. Through providing robust gender analysis on Kosovo’s security sector development, KCSS’s gender and security programme aims to promote internal reform in line with the country’s gender-equality principles enshrined in the Law on Gender Equality. The programme will be further developed through:

  • Central and local advocacy to identify prominent challenges related to women’s participation in the security sector;
  • Baseline, midline and endline monitoring of recruitment within public security institutions in Kosovo;
  • Gender-analysis in line with Kosovo’s WPS objectives;