About Us

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies is an independent policy research centre founded in April 2008 and based in Prishtina - Kosovo. KCSS is dedicated to security sector development and reform in Kosovo and Western Balkans. It proactively promotes principle of good governance, integrity and resilience.

Main Objectives and Goals

Founded in 2008, KCSS’s main interest remains to be development of security sector in Kosovo and Western Balkans based on the good governance. In the past 15 years, KCSS has been building and offering alternative expertise in security studies, by filling a void in a limited academic contribution in the field in Kosovo.

The KCSS aims to enhance the effectiveness by supporting the SSR programs through its research, events, training, advocacy and direct policy advice. Advancing new ideas and social science methods are also core values of the centre. Each year, KCSS publishes numerous reports, policy analysis and policy briefs. It also, runs more than 200 public events including conferences, round-tables, and debates, lectures – in Kosovo, also in collaboration with regional and international partners. A wide-range of activities includes research, capacity-building, awareness and advocacy.


Research and Policy Analysis

Policy Recommendation and Advocacy

Alternative expertise on contemporary security challenges

Conferences and Public Discussions on security related issues

Networking connecting all relevant actors in Kosovo

KCSS Specialized Programs

The KCSS carries out independent and rigorous analysis of critical global, regional and country-specific challenges and opportunities. Our reports, papers, books and other research outputs are a vital resource for leaders and policy-makers in government, the private sector and civil society. Moreover, they serve as a source of information for our international partners.

Main research programmes

Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism

Building Integrity in the Security Sector

Regional Cooperation in the Security Sector, and membership into Euro-Atlantic structures

Kosovo Security Barometer

Developing New Ideas

The KCSS team of experts is always resilient to develop new approaches and ideas on how to offer response to new challenges, critical issues and threats to security, such as the case of violent extremism as the most concerning security threat developed recently in Kosovo and global level. Most of the policy recommendations and options are developed in collaboration with the key actors and stakeholders such as policy makers, experts, academia and civil society representatives. KCSS has been actively engaged in the policy making process by offering expert opinion on key legal documents, strategies and action plans concerning the development of the security sector in Kosovo.