Grassroots reconciliation and community dialogue are central to advancing interethnic cooperation and understanding in Kosovo.


Pajtimi në bazë dhe dialogu në komunitet janë thelbësore për avancimin e bashkëpunimit dhe mirëkuptimit ndëretnik në Kosovë.

In January 24 marked a significant milestone for the FIERC project with our highly successful conference focusing on advancing grassroots reconciliation, fostering community dialogue, and enhancing interethnic cooperation in Kosovo. The event was a vibrant platform where we had the opportunity to listen to a series of impressive and inspiring stories of positive peacebuilding efforts taking place across the country. These narratives not only showcased the resilience and dedication of our communities but also highlighted the transformative power of grassroots initiatives in peacebuilding.

With the FIERC project, we engaged 1,200 citizens in a comprehensive survey, gathering valuable insights on interethnic relations. Achieved significant interaction with on social media, reaching a cumulative audience of 400,000. Two reports on interethnic relations were accessed by 4,000 individuals on social media, indicating extensive dissemination and interest. Surpassed the goal by producing 17 videos featuring diverse community leaders, with 15 published and widely shared, reaching about 10,000 people. The FIERC project directly and indirectly benefited around 3,000 individuals, including through the ten community initiatives, with more than 135 active participants in CFPI meetings, impacting various community members. Conducted four specialized training sessions and two vocational trainings for approximately 200 participants, with a balanced gender representation. Held about 30 meetings, with CFPI involving approximately 150 participants, facilitating bi-monthly discussions or dialogue on interethnic cooperation. The CFPI facilitated 11 government responses, including policy changes and concrete actions addressing community concerns in the framework of CFPIs. Supported six startup initiatives with 9,000 Euros, increasing youth employment chances and supporting their engagement. Backed ten diverse community projects with 5,000 Euros, enhancing cooperation and addressing joint interests. 

Qualitatively, FIERC project increased citizen support for interethnic cooperation, demonstrated by active participation in the Community Forum for Public Interest (CFPI). Engagement in CFPI led to joint advocacy, fostering dialogue and cooperation. The government's response improved, as seen in policy changes and direct actions like donating vehicles. Local government accountability was enhanced on interethnic cooperation through regular CFPI participation. Interethnic cooperation became a fundamental part of the agenda of the six targeted municipalities. Community leaders' advocacy capacities were boosted through specialized training. Comprehensive research provided insights into public perceptions, guiding project initiatives. Capacity building for local authorities and CFPI members was emphasized, strengthening trust and cooperation. Economic development was supported through initiatives like skill-building projects for youth. Trust between local institutions and community leaders grew, marked by collaborative events and messages promoting interethnic cooperation.

However, it's important to acknowledge that despite these encouraging developments, we still face persistent challenges. These obstacles remind us of the continuous need for commitment, innovation, and collaboration in our journey towards lasting peace and harmony. 

This conference was organized in partnership with New Social Initiative (NS), with whom we have implemented the #FIERCproject. We are grateful for their invaluable contributions. We also extend our thanks to the German Federal Foreign Office for their generous support of the FIERC Project. Their backing has been instrumental in not only making this conference a reality but also in driving the broader objectives of the #FIERCproject forward. As we reflect on the outcomes of today's conference, we have a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. The process is undoubtedly challenging, but with the continued support and partnership of our partners and communities, we are confident in our ability to make a meaningful impact in the field of peacebuilding and interethnic cooperation in Kosovo.