Emerging Threats

About Program

The Emerging Threats Programme has been designed as a response to evolving domestic, regional, and international security threats. Its primary aim is to consolidate and provide a better understanding of emerging threats that consistently move away from traditional conceptualizations of security challenges. Given the extent of evolving threats related to cybersecurity and disinformation, this programme seeks to build upon internal organizational capacities to provide evidence-based expertise to operationalize institutional responses to these challenges. Evidence-based research in relation to the Emerging Threats Programme focuses on: critical infrastructure, cybersecurity, disinformation and hybrid security challenges. While needs assessment(s), monitoring and research remain fundamental actions to be developed in the programme, KCSS aims to utilize expertise generated to directly enhance the capacities of executive institutions and agencies to respond effectively to cybersecurity challenges and disinformation.  The programme will be developed through:

  • State of the art evidence-based research related to emerging threats such as: cybersecurity and disinformation;
  • Awareness-raising campaigns and targeted advocacy to improve level of understanding of challenges related to cyber-security and disinformation in Kosovo;
  • Capacity-building support to executive institutions and agencies to develop tools and strategies to devise responses to emerging threats.