Roundtable: Publication of the Handbook on Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Kosovo


Tryezë e rrumbullakët: Publikimi i Doracakut rreth Terrorizmit dhe Ekstremizmit të Dhunshëm në Kosovë

On March 9, 2023, the Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS) organized the round table for the publication of the report "Handbook on Terrorism and Violent Extremism in Kosovo”. The purpose of this short analysis is to provide a concise overview of the individual and collective motives that drive a part of Kosovo's citizens to join terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Such an overview of the driving circumstances is necessary to understand the context in which the rehabilitation and reintegration of the citizens of Kosovo repatriated from the hotbeds of war takes place. This handbook, despite the focus on the phenomenon of Islamist radicalization that leads to violent extremism, also defines the typologies of violent extremism and radicalization, which currently pose a risk to Kosovo's national security. In the end, the handbook summarizes the basic definitions and terminology for the needs of the Kosovo Probation and Correctional Service in an effort to standardize and facilitate the approach of KPS officers in dealing with individuals who go through this service towards their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

The handbook about terrorism and violent extremism in Kosovo was very well received by state institutions such as: the Kosovo Probation Service, the Kosovo Correctional Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who emphasized that this document will help the country's institutions better understand violent extremism and radicalism, as well as the terms and definitions of this phenomenon. They valued that the document will help probation and correctional officers to better understand the definitions related to violent extremism and radicalism and will help their work when dealing with cases of people convicted of terrorism offenses.

This activity is organized within the project 'Increasing the skills of the Probation Service of Kosovo in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism' supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the British Embassy in Pristina