Informal meeting with women and representatives of institutions in the Municipality of Shtime


Takimi joformal me gra dhe përfaqësues të institucioneve në Komunën e Shtimes

In a recent collaborative meeting KCSS along with the Municipality of Shtime involving prosecutors, judges, police, and social welfare officials, comprehensive efforts to address gender-based violence were discussed. The prosecutor's report highlighted ongoing collaboration within the coordinating mechanism, with 29 reported violence cases emphasizing the need for continuous support. 


The police update revealed that 8 cases this year led to arrests and pre-trial detentions, covering different gender-based violence. The Deputy Chief outlined existing strategies and protocols, with plans for a victim room inauguration. Social welfare and shelter challenges were addressed, including efforts to relocate victims and plans for a new shelter. The prosecutor emphasized the urgency of public awareness on preventing underage marriages, calling for legal reforms.


The judicial perspective prioritized gender-based violence cases, and overall challenges included lack of awareness raising amongst the youth  Recommendations discussed the meeting included increased awareness campaigns and support from NGOs.