Meeting in the Municipality of Lipjan against domestic violence


Takimi në Komunën e Lipjanit kundër dhunës në familje

KCSS is continuing to organize meetings with women and representatives of local security institutions to discuss domestic violence and the challenges in dealing with this problem. The last meeting was held on October 21, 2022 in the Municipality of Lipjan.

The Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, representatives from the Center for Social Work, the Gender Equality Officer within the Municipality, representatives of non-governmental organizations, municipal officials, representatives from the Islamic Community and women of the municipality of Lipjan participated in the meeting.

During the discussion, the institutions expressed the need for increased funding and staff to handle cases of domestic violence. The inter-institutional cooperation was emphasized to be very good in this municipality.

The main causes of violence, identified during the meeting, were economic conditions, the use of narcotic substances and alcohol and isolation as a result of the pandemic. The citizens who participated in the meeting expressed their continued will to fight this phenomenon and received the confirmation and continued support of the relevant institutions in the fight against domestic violence.

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