Informal meeting with women and representatives of institutions in the Municipality of Ferizaj


Takimi joformal me gra dhe përfaqësues të institucioneve në Komunën e Ferizajit

In a recent collaborative meeting KCSS along with the Municipality of Ferizaj involving, psychologists, police, and social welfare officials, held a meeting to address gender-based violence.  

While awareness for reporting gender- based violence is on the rise, a lingering reluctance to report still persists. NGOs are actively working to shift mentalities according to the Municipality of Ferizaj. Furthermore, the women's shelter provides crucial assistance to abused women, complemented by support from the Ferizaj police. As noted by the Center for Social Work, the primary concern lies in the economic crisis, increasing a notable surge in women's emancipation. 

Psychologists encounter employment challenges, and there is a need for informing students about gender- based violence. The patriarchal mentality hinders change in the community, contributing to violence against women. Recommendations included proper information sharing, raising awareness, meetings, facility building, gender budgeting and media campaigns on social networks.