Meeting in Fushë Kosova municipality to discuss domestic violence


Takim në Komunën e Fushë Kosovës për të diskutuar për dhunën në familje

Within the Women, Peace, and Security project, QKSS has continued to organise meetings with women and officials of local institutions to analyse the security concerns that women face. This time, the meeting took place in Fushë Kosova Municipality, in collaboration with the municipality's Office for Gender Equality. Kosovo Police representatives, representatives from the Centre for Social Work, representatives from municipal offices and directories, civil society, and citizens from this municipality participated in the meeting.

The challenges that Fushë Kosova residents have while reporting domestic violence cases were discussed, and patriarchal mentality and the stigma that women who report violence face are considered as the two major issues that drive women to not report domestic violence cases.

Furthermore, the large increase in the population of this municipality in recent years, as well as the lack of new officials in the Centre for Social Work, but also in other parts of the mechanism, has resulted in these institutions lacking the necessary capacities to deal with all cases of violence appropriately.

It was also stressed that more efforts should be made to inform all citizens about the work of the institutions and the protection that can be offered to survivors of domestic violence, considering that many citizens do not know where to report the violence or what actions they may take to receive protection from this phenomenon.

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