KCSS holds training for NGOs related to developing an organizational response plan for security incidents


QKSS mbanë trajnimin për OJQ-të lidhur me përpilimin e planit organizativ të reagimit ndaj incidenteve të sigurisë

On April 29, 2024, at Hotel Prishtina, KCSS gathered representatives of civil society organizations for a training aimed at equipping them with knowledge and skills to develop their organization's security plan, with a special focus on cybersecurity. This plan sets key parameters for identifying, preventing, and responding to security incidents. The training was led by Donika Elshani, a researcher at KCSS.

The first part of the training delved into the significance of organizations having a security plan, defining what such a plan entails, and detailing its development process. Subsequently, the discussion transitioned towards exploring recommended best practices to incorporate into the organizational security plan.

The second part focused on the incident response plan for security incidents, outlining specific steps to be taken in the event of a cyber incident in the organization. Additionally, the topic of crisis communication as part of the post-incident communication plan was addressed.

During the concluding segment of the training, participants took part in a incident response tabletop scenario activity, where they were grouped into three teams, with each team receiving a hypothetical incident scenario. Their assignment was to craft a response plan based on these scenarios.