Western Balkans Security Barometer (WBSB)

About Program

Western Balkans Security Barometer (WBSB) is a specific KCSS programme which was established in September 2012. This programme implements quantitative research methods primarily for the needs of the thematic programmes of KCSS. Hence, comparing to other programs which are related mainly to the sectorial thematic area which cover, WBSB program is based exclusively on the unique methodology that is applied. Under this program the KCSS carries out the self-titled annual Western Balkans Security Barometer surveys which measures citizens trust towards security and justice institutions and it also measures citizens perceptions on wider range of security and safety threats posed to Kosovo citizens.  The WBSB Programme also occasionally carries out special editions of surveys or quantitative research, including those which targets specific audience or issue. The WBSB has been well embedded in KCSS which is ultimately serving as a brand also in the regional dimension. KCSS is currently leading a project which has established the instrument Western Balkans Security Barometer (WBSB) in Kosovo, Albania, and Serbia, with tendency to cover all WB6 in the future. The programme will continue to be developed by: 

  • Ensuring a standing team working on diverse issues of the programme such as: methodologists, data interpretation researchers, data visualization officers, field research trainers, field research supervisors, field researchers, data entry officers and quality assurance officers;
  • Transforming the WBSB into a sustainable regional Western Balkans public perception measurement instrument;
  • Increasing visualization aspect of communication, number of data interpretation products and advocacy efforts in order to foster public outreach.