Training for field researchers: Training for field researchers: Western Balkans Security Barometer


Trajnim për Hulumtues në terren: Barometri i Sigurisë në Ballkanin Perëndimor - Edicioni i tretë

KCSS has organized the training for the field research team as part of the third edition of the Western Balkans Security Barometer and twelfth edition of the Kosovo Security Barometer.

The event took place on Friday, September 23rd and was held by the KCSS team. The training was attended by the selected field researchers and coordinators for this edition of the Barometer. 

This session included an extensive discussion on the general rules and methodology of fieldwork. The first part of the training was mainly focused on the general presentation and the importance of this project followed by a short presentation of each participant. 

While the second part of the training was focused on discussion and deconstruction of the questionnaire. The field research will start on 25th of September 2022 and will cover all 38 municipalities of Kosovo covering 1100 households. Whereas, simultaneously the same survey will be implemented in Serbia and Albania from our partners Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) and Center for the Study of the Democracy and Governance (CSDG) in Albania. 

Western Balkans Security Barometer project is supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).