KCSS Launches the securitybarometer.qkss.org platform


QKSS Lanson Platformën securitybarometer.qkss.org

During the last conference of 2022, the securitybarometer.qkss.org platform was launched. This website is an interactive platform where the public can view and analyze the data we receive through the Western Balkans Security Barometer surveys.

The platform contains two databases from 2022 and 2021, about the perceptions of the citizens of Kosovo, Albania, and Serbia regarding various security issues. The platform also provides detailed information about the methodology and project of the Western Balkans Security Barometer.

As for the data, the platform offers opportunities to analyze and interact with the data divided into 13 categories: Trust in Institutions, Integrity of Public Institutions, Integrity of the Police, Contact with Institutions, National Threats and Risks, Public and Personal Safety, Covid-19 Pandemic, International and Regional Cooperation, EU Integration, Threats from Violent Extremism, Political Environment, Relations between Kosovo and Serbia, Relations between Kosovo and Albania , and Relations between Serbia and Albania. Likewise, citizens can filter and classify respondents' perceptions based on their country , region, nationality, gender, age and residence type.

The platform also serves as a publishing site for all the reports that examine the data from WBSB surveys, from KCSS, BCSP, and CSDG. 

The platform is accessible, starting today, at this link: https://securitybarometer.qkss.org/