Foreign Policy and Regional Security Cooperation

About Program

The Foreign Policy and Regional Security Cooperation Programme is another longstanding thematic programme of KCSS which have been established back in 2011 and have been modified repeatedly since then. This programme covers various themes such as: bilateral disputes in the WB region with the particular focus on dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia; transitional justice and reconciliation in the region; public diplomacy; disinformation campaign; bilateral, regional and international security cooperation; conflict resolution and peacebuilding and migration. This programme also serves at the core of KCSS end having in mind wide range of topics which are essentially important for both serving a public good but also expanding the organisations footprint in the topic of research interest. This programme is expected to be developed by: 

  • Strengthening the team of researchers and officers who are able to cover foreign and regional cooperation related themes;
  • Diversifying partnerships with relevant institutions both locally and internationally, in particular with relevant policy related think tanks but also universities (in the framework of Horizon 2020);
  • Maintaining consistency in research products and contribution in conferences;