Second Thematic Cross-border Meeting with the Regional Youth Partnership Program in Belgrade


Takimi i dytë Tematik Ndërkufitar me Programin Rajonal të Partneritetit Rinor në Beograd

Member of the Regional Youth Partnership program from Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia met last weekend (12-14 May 2023) in Belgrade for the second thematic cross-boarder meeting.

The themes of this weekend covered conflict resolution, conflict mediation and creation of ground rules of the Regional Youth Partnership.

On Saturday (13 May 2023) the participants spend the whole day with Marko Irsic, trainer from Rakmo Institute (Slovenia) to elaborate concepts of conflict, resolution, peacebuilding, conflict intermediation and more. Sessions were followed with interactive discussions about conflicts in the region and how to come up with conflict mediation in the weekend. Participants also engaged in group work to practice what was learned during the whole day.

On the last day of the meeting in Belgrade participants contributed to the creation of ground rules for the Regional Youth Partnerships. A lot of interactions between participants were made to establish a draft for the ground rules. They came up with rules and creative ideas on how to implement them while working in groups and presenting the later on in front of all the participants. The Regional Youth Partnership participants worked towards establishing a safe space in order to have sensitive discussions about the region, with the aim to open chapters towards reconciliation between youth in the Western Balkans.

Through this program the participants are learning to become the future leaders of peace and reconciliation between Kosovo, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.