Conflict transformation through empathetic peace education


Transformimi i konfliktit përmes edukimit të paqes me empati

With the aim of promoting peace and understanding between different cultures and nations, KCSS and BCSP kick offed the spring academy of the “Conflict transformation through empathetic peace education” project. The academy will cover a wide range of topics, including the anatomy of stereotypes and prejudice, the power of dialogue and nonviolent language, and the impact of media on the creation and maintenance of conflict. Furthermore, the academy aims to provide deeper understanding of the role of narrative in conflict and the need for intercultural sensitivity and critical thinking to promote empathy and understanding between different groups. The participants of the academy include youngsters from Kosovo and Serbia from different backgrounds, who will work together in different interactive sessions and exercises. The participants will have the chance to also gain insights for the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo through the provision of a short history of this process and further explore the potential of building a shared future through dialogue. The academy will provide understanding for the concepts of peace, violence, and conflict and how they affect the achievement of a lasting peace.