The first meeting of the Regional Academy of Youth Partnerships


Takimi i parë i Akademisë Rajonale të Partneriteteve Rinore

This weekend(May 25-26), we held our first meeting as part of the Regional Academy of Youth Partnerships. Participants from Kosovo gathered in Prishtina for a two-day training focused on trade and the economy.

The first day started with an informative session on trade and the importance of reconciliation. After the discussions, we visited "Kosovo Glass Recycling" in Gjakove, where the CEO Dukagjin Berisha highlighted about the significance of trade and the challenges linked to import and export activities.

The second day was dedicated to a spirited debate, with participants role-playing as representatives from the USA and Cuba, negotiating and exploring the complex relationship between the two countries. This exercise not only deepened their grasp of international relations but also sharpened their negotiation abilities.