Good Governance in the Security Sector

About Program

Good Governance in the Security Sector (shortly known as Good Governance Programme) represents one of the oldest programmes of KCSS. It tackles the core of the organisations end in terms of democratisation and development of security sector in Kosovo. This programme covers wide range of security related issues such as: rule of law; integrity building; human rights; gender issues; integration of minorities; parliamentary oversight and relationship between civil society and security institutions. With the development of security sector and emerging challenges related to institutional integrity, the programme is aimed to be re-designed to meet the new requirements. By combining ways and means, this programme  developed by the way of:  

  • Creating a standing team of researchers and officers covering solely the programme;
  • Diversifying partnerships with relevant institutions both locally and internationally.
  • Maintains consistency in the quality of research;
  • Increase communication and relations with public to foster public outreach


The programme will be interdisciplinary thereby it will be largely juxtaposed to the methodological programme of Security Barometer.