"Challenges and Opportunities in the process of Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Foreign Fighters" Training on DRIVE project


Trajnimi “Sfidat dhe Mundësitë në Procesin e Rehabilitimit dhe Riintegrimit për Luftëtarët e Huaj”- DRIVE

A three-day training on "Challenges and Opportunities in the Process of Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Foreign Fighters" is being held by KCSS as part of the DRIVE project. The training is attended by Institution workers who deal with cases of rehabilitation and reintegration from the Kosovo Correctional Service, the Kosovo Probation Service, the Islamic Community of Kosovo, the Ministry of Health and civil society.

The program trainers iniclude Fenna Canters, Shpat Balaj and Skender Perteshi.

During these three days, the participants will gain a better understanding on the risk assessment tools for repatriated individuals, the creation of efficient plans for rehabilitation and reintegration, Dutch practices on risk assessment and monitoring the post-release phase, and the community's role in R&R processes.

DRIVE is a European funded project that aims at mitigating threats related to foreign fighters and Islamist extremists through the improvement of effective Disengagement, Rehabilitation & Reintegration (DRR) practices based on human-centred treatment and the involvement of local communities and public actors. KCSS is a member of the DRIVE consortium, together with other organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, the Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium.