KCSS Publishes the "Public percpetion on Trust, Corruption and Integrity of Public Institutions in Kosovo" Report


QKSS Publikon Raportin “Perceptimet publike për Besimin, Korrupsionin dhe Integritetin e Institucioneve Publike në Kosovë”

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS) has published today (December 21, 2022) the Security Barometer survey in the Western Balkans for the year 2022 regarding the respondents' trust in public institutions, as well as perceptions of corruption and the integrity of the public administration in the country.

According to the survey, the security institutions have shown that they have the greatest trust of the citizens compared to other institutions. The Kosovo Security Force is the most trusted with 83%, followed by the Emergency Management Agency with 73% and the Kosovo Police with 72%. As can be seen, the citizens trust these three uniformed institutions the most. On the other hand, the justice institutions continue to face skepticism and lack of trust because the trust in the Court and the Prosecutor has not increased this year either. The degree of trust in these two institutions is 30%. As for the central institutions, the President of Kosovo is ranked with relatively high trust by the respondents compared to the Government and the Assembly. Consequently, the President has the trust of 59% of respondents, while the Assembly of Kosovo with only 25% and the Government of Kosovo with 33%, respectively. These last two have marked a drop in trust compared to last year.

According to the respondents, corruption and organized crime continue to be among the main challenges of national security in Kosovo. 82% mentioned organized crime and 80% corruption as two phenomena that threaten national security and undermine the rule of law in Kosovo. In addition, the respondents were not satisfied with the performance of the Government of Kosovo in the fight against corruption or organized crime, while only 30 percent rated the latter as good.

This is the first report with the 2022 data of the Western Balkans Security Barometer of the year.