Community Forums for Public Interest of FIERC Project hold concluding meetings in Viti, Lipjan and Kamenica


Forumet e Komunitetit për Interes Publik të Projektit FIERC mbajnë takime përmbyllëse në Viti, Lipjan dhe Kamenicë

In an effort to foster interethnic reconciliation and cooperation, the Fostering Interethnic Reconciliation and Cooperation (FIERC) project is achieving important results in Kosovo. Implemented by the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) in partnership with the New Social Initiative (NSI), this initiative is financially supported by the Stability Pact Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office.

The FIERC project aims to actively engage communities at the grassroots level, promoting development cooperation between majority and non-majority ethnic groups in Kosovo. By tailoring activities to support capacity building, advocacy, and providing technical assistance, the project seeks to enable cooperation between communities on crucial developmental issues.

As part of the FIERC project, six Community Forums for Public Interests (CFPI) have been established in diverse municipalities across Kosovo. These forums, located in Graçanica/Gračanica, Kamenica, Lipjan/Lipljan, Mitrovica, Shtërpca/Štrpce, and Vitia/Vitina, are designed to facilitate cooperation by addressing tangible community problems. The CFPIs regularly convene to discuss and agree upon community projects or initiatives that bring citizens closer together based on shared interests.

On December 8, 2023, the FIERC project marked important milestones with the concluding meetings of the Community Forums for Public Interest (CFPI) in Lipjan and Kamenica Municipalities. The discussions during these gatherings delved into interethnic relations and cooperation within the municipalities, reflecting on the progress made during 2023 and outlining strategies for further advancement.

Members of the Community Forum for Public Interest (CFPI) in Viti/Vitina gathered for a productive working lunch on December 11, 2023. The meeting focused on advancing interethnic cooperation based on shared interests. The discussions during the lunch centered around grassroots efforts for peace, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and shared goals.

The CFPIs in Viti, Lipjan and Kamenica Municipalities played a crucial role in addressing community concerns and promoting collaboration among diverse groups. These meetings served as platforms for constructive dialogue, helping to build understanding and cooperation among different ethnic communities.

The FIERC project continues to exemplify the positive impact of community engagement and collaboration in fostering lasting interethnic reconciliation and cooperation in Kosovo.