New Report Unveils Concerns Over Serbia's "Project 5000": Implications for Regional Stability


Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS), today published a report titled "What is Serbia’s 'Project 5000' and Why Should We Be Concerned?" This report examines the expansion of military special forces under Serbia's "Project 5000" and its potential repercussions on regional peace and stability.

The "Project 5000" initiative aims to enhance the Serbian special forces, increasing their number from 1,500 to 5,000. This ambitious expansion raises critical concerns regarding the shift in military balance and the heightened risk of regional tensions. The report elaborates on the geopolitical ramifications, emphasizing the project's challenge to NATO's strategic interests and its implications for the Western Balkans' security landscape.

Key findings highlight Serbia's departure from its professed military neutrality, marked by substantial investments in advanced weaponry and the growth of its special forces, that can potentially indicate preparations in Serbia for special military operations. The analysis suggests a strategic pivot towards more assertive military posturing, potentially escalating into an arms race with neighboring states, particularly Kosovo and Croatia, and fostering a security dilemma in the Western Balkans.

The KCSS report stresses the urgent need for security dialogue with NATO, and other stakeholders to discuss the indictors of the build-up of military capabilities in the region and security strategies of the countries of the region. It advocates for proactive measures to ensure regional stability, urging the international community to closely monitor these developments and engage in diplomatic efforts to mitigate the risks of potential escalation.

The report is the result of research by senior experts at KCSS. KCSS invites all interested parties to examine the report's findings and join the ongoing dialogue on promoting a stable Western Balkans oriented towards a future in the EU and NATO.

The full report is available on the KCSS website -