Building resilience: Communities against violent extremism in Municipality of Gjilan


Ndërtimi i qëndrushmërisë: Komunitetet kundër ekstremizmit të dhunshëm në Komunën e Gjilanit

KCSS is continuing its activities aiming to empower the role of women in security and justice sector. In 12th of February, in the framework of the “Woman Security Forum” KCSS has held a roundtable discussion in the Municipality of Gjilan as part of the project “Building Resilience: Communities Against Violent Extremism”.

The conference was followed by a panel discussion on the topic of “The role of women in creating resilient and safe communities in Kosovo“ with representatives from the Kosovo Police, representatives from the Municipality of Gjilan, representatives from rule of law institutions in Gjilan, women leaders in Gjilan, non-governmental organizations, civil presence in Gjilan, media representatives and other community representatives.

This platform aims at empowering women and advancing their rights in the sector security and the rule of law in Kosovo; to advocate for addressing their concerns and dissatisfaction with the security sector.

Moreover, this forum aims to empower of the role of women as community leaders, fostering cooperation and promoting the importance women’s active role in preventing conflict, violence and violent extremism, regardless of ideology or ethnicity. This activity and the women forum in general will have a particular focus on women's safety in Kosovo and the actions (not) taken by the institutions to address the main security and safety challenges. This activity will take place in eight other municipalities of Kosovo and is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo.