Disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration of foreign terrorist fighters


Disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration of foreign terrorist fighters


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European Union’s Internal Security Fund - Police


Kosovo country report: Ardit Orana and Skender Perteshi


Ky raport për momentin është vetëm në gjuhën angleze.

This report provides an overview of Kosovo’s disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration(DR&R) practices implemented on a cross-sectoral basis. The report bases its main findings along a six-pillar comparative methodology developed by KCSS as part of the “Disengaging and Rehabilitating Islamist Violent Extremism” (DRIVE) examining:  1)inter-institutional coordination, 2) risk assessment tools, 3) prison-based DR&R, 4) probation-based DR&R, 5) reintegration measures and 6) vulnerable categories.

More specifically, it examines the role of the Prison and Probation-based services in dealing with the phenomenon of returning foreign fighters and their families and subsequent DR&R programming.  Additionally, the report examines the preparedness of frontline workers in dealing with the issue and overall reintegration measures. 

DRIVE is a European founded project that aims at mitigating threats related to foreign fighters and Islamist extremists through the improvement of effective Disengagement, Rehabilitation & Reintegration (DRR) practices based on human-centred treatment and the involvement of local communities and public actors. For this purpose, DRIVE project aims at identifying and diffusing best practices and policies with regard to DRR programs particularly in Western Balkans countries and strengthening these practices through the development of specific training modules and targeted dissemination campaigns.