Tender Notice: Database Development for Kosovo Probation Service (KPS)


Tender Notice: Database Development for Kosovo Probation Service (KPS)

Tender Notice Database Development for the needs of Kosovo Probation Service (KPS) Deadline for sending the offers: April 22, 2024 (16:00) The application form and other documents should be sent to: [email protected]


Introduction & Overview

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies is an independent policy research centre founded in April 2008 and based in Prishtina, Kosovo. KCSS is dedicated to security sector development and reform in Kosovo and Western Balkans. It proactively promotes principles of good governance, integrity, and resilience. 

Founded in 2008, KCSS’s main interest remains the development of security sector in Kosovo and Western Balkans based on good governance. In the past 15 years, KCSS has been building and offering alternative expertise in security studies by filling a void in a limited academic contribution in the field in Kosovo.

The KCSS aims to enhance the effectiveness of the SSR programs by supporting them through research, events, training, advocacy, and direct policy advice. Advancing new ideas and social science methods are also core values of the centre. Each year, KCSS publishes numerous reports, policy analysis and policy briefs. It also runs more than 200 public events, including conferences, roundtables, debates, and lectures, in Kosovo, in collaboration with regional and international partners. A wide-range of activities includes research, capacity-building, awareness and advocacy.

2Purpose of the Service

The project "Professional support for the Kosovo Probation Service in tackling violent extremism and radicalism" supported by the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Kosovo, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by the Kosovo Center for Security Studies (KCSS).

The main purpose of this service and procurement is to design and develop an internal database tailored to the specific work and needs of the Kosovo Probation Service. This database aims to enhance the management of cases under the supervision of the institution, facilitating more efficient tracking, monitoring, and coordination of probation activities.

3Brief Description of the Required Supplies

The main goal of this service is to design and develop an internal database for the needs of the KPS for the treatment and analysis of cases or clients under KPS supervision convicted of different criminal offences. 

4Objective and Scope

The primary objective of this service is to design and develop an internal database tailored to the needs of the Kosovo Probation Service (KPS). This database will facilitate the treatment and analysis of cases or clients under KPS supervision who have been convicted of various criminal offenses. Its purpose is to streamline the management of probation cases, enabling efficient tracking, analysis, and reporting to support the rehabilitation and supervision efforts of the KPS.

6Location of work


7Expected duration of contract


8target start date

25 April 2024

9Estimated completion date

30 June 2024

10Language of Proposal


11Pre-proposal conference


12Travels Expected

☐ Not Required

13Names and curriculum vitae of individuals who will be involved in completing the services

☒ Required

☐ Not Required

14Currency of Proposal


15Value Added Tax on Price Proposal

must be inclusive of VAT and other applicable indirect taxes

must be exclusive of VAT and other applicable indirect taxes

18Validity Period of Proposals (Counting for the last day of submission of quotes)

☒ 90 days

In exceptional circumstances, KCSS may request the tenderers extend the validity of bids beyond what has been initially indicated in this RFP. The bid shall then confirm the extension in writing, without any modification whatsoever on the bid.

19Partial Quotes

☐ Permitted

☒ Not Permitted

21Type of Contract to be Signed


22KCSS will award the contract to:

☒ One and only one Service Provider or consultant 



☒ Data Sheet and Scope of Work

☒ Cover Letter and Declaration of honour on exclusion criteria and absence of conflict of interest

☒ Technical and Financial Submission Form

24Deadline for Submission of requests for clarification

22 April 2024  (16:00)

25Documents to be submitted:

☒ Technical and Financial Submission Form

☒ Cover Letter 

☒ Additional Annexes: 

Copy of registration Certificate 

Fiscal & Unique Number certificate from relevant Registry in the country of origin defining the constitution or legal status, place of registration, and principal place of business;

ID or passport for individuals.

☒ Additional Annexes: CV (not longer than 2 pages) of Experts 





Award Criteria



Expertise of the Firm (of experts who will be engaged in developing the products)

  1. Organizational capability/resources, 
  2. Service delivery experience and expertise.

30 %



Technical Specifications and Implementation Plan:

  1. Three key experts: Qualifications and skills,
  2. Timeframe and availability




Financial Proposal:

  1. Lowest Price (Lowest price/Proposed price*40),



Technical Specification Document for KCSS Project

Project Overview

The KCSS project aims to develop a comprehensive Content Management System tailored for the Kosovar Center for Security Studies. This system will facilitate the efficient management of clients and their respective cases, providing a robust platform for data handling and operational efficiency.

Website and CMS Requirements

Development Framework and Database

  • The CMS will be developed using the Laravel PHP framework, leveraging its extensive features for robust web application development.
  • Data storage and management will be handled using Microsoft SQL Server, ensuring high performance and scalability.

Design and Usability

  • The CMS will undergo several phases of graphic design proposals, with the final design subject to approval by KCSS to ensure it meets their aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • The interface will be responsive and adaptable to various screen sizes, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, ensuring accessibility across all platforms.
  • The CMS will be compatible with major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, to ensure wide accessibility.

User Management and Security

  • The system will feature role-based access control, allowing for the definition of various user roles with specific permissions and privileges, enhancing the security and operational efficiency of the CMS.
  • Users will have the capability to register, log in, and manage their profiles within the CMS, with administrators having the authority to assign and modify user roles as required.

Content Management

  • Administrators will have the ability to dynamically manage and add new pages to the CMS, ensuring the platform remains adaptable to the evolving needs of KCSS.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface will be a priority, minimizing the learning curve for new users and enhancing overall efficiency.

Additional Features

  • The CMS will include an advanced search engine to allow for easy retrieval of client information, case details, and other published materials.

Training and Documentation

  • Comprehensive training will be provided to KPS members and staff members, covering all aspects of CMS administration and use, to ensure they are fully equipped to manage the system effectively.
  • Detailed documentation will be provided, covering system architecture, user guides, and troubleshooting tips to support the ongoing use and maintenance of the CMS.


The CMS shall include various modules to support the diverse needs of KCSS, such as:

  • Client Management Module: For detailed records and management of clients associated with KCSS.
  • Case Management Module: To track and manage cases, including status updates, document management, and activity logs.
  • Reporting Module: For generating reports on case progress, client statistics, and other operational metrics.

Financial Offer

The price of financial offer must be quoted in euro. Prices must be quoted free of all duties, taxes and other charges, including VAT, KCSS is exempt from such charges. Services will be provided on fixed unit prices. 


The development of the KCSS project will adhere to these technical specifications to ensure the delivery of a robust, scalable, and user-friendly system that meets the operational needs of the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies. Continuous collaboration with KCSS stakeholders will be maintained throughout the project to ensure alignment with their objectives and expectations.


This activity is organized within the project "Increasing the skills of the Probation Service of Kosovo in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism," supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the British Embassy in Prishtina.