Re-Establishment and Reform of the Justice System in Kosovo (1999-2011)


 Ri-themelimi dhe Reformimi i Sistemit të Drejtësisë në Kosovë (1999-2011)

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS)




While the research describe the development of justice system in the pre-independence period, the research team paid particular attention for the post-independence justice system focusing on the legal mandate of EULEX and problems in the North. Nevertheless, having in mind the complex sector and the diverse mechanisms, it was not the intention of the researchers to deepen the analysis in some specific areas of justice but rather to provide a broader overview. In fact, this research is expected to serve as the basis for upcoming research papers of KCSS aiming to address more specifically the important aspects in the broader field of rule of law.The paper shall serve as reliable source for the students, researchers and the policy makers willing to have a general picture on the developments in this sector. The original version is in English language and translated into Albanian Language.