Beyond the triggers: new threats of violent extremism in Kosovo


Përtej shkaktarëve: Rreziqet e reja të ekstremizmit të dhunshëm në Kosovë

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)

Supported by

Ambasada e Mbretërisë së Holandës në Kosovë


Skender Perteshi


The aim of this report is to identify the new trends and threats of terrorism and violent extremism in Kosovo in the aftermath of IS defeat. The challenges identified in the report are instances of domestic terrorism, lone wolf terrorists,11 vulnerable communities, reintegration of the returned former fighters and their families.

The first part of the report consists of an analysis of the international context of violent extremism and terrorism, including the defeat of IS and the changing IS strategy. This part of the report will contextualize the danger posed by the returned foreign fighters, lone wolf attackers and international networks of terrorism.

The second part of the report focuses on violent extremism in the Western Balkans and Kosovo and the efforts of local authorities in tackling this threat.

The third part of the report identifies the new threats of violent extremism and terrorism in Kosovo in a bid to encourage authorities and the public at large to discuss the evolving nature of the violent extremist threat.