Kosovo Security Barometer: Special Edition


Barometri Kosovar i Sigurisë: Edicion Special  

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)


Mentor VRAJOLLI & Florian QEHAJA


This publication represents a brief narrative interpretation of quantitative data collected by KCSS in its special survey edition conducted under the auspices of the Security Research Forum "Belgrade-Prishtina-Tirana" during the period 1st - 15th October 2013.1 This survey aims to measure the perceptions of Kosovo citizens towards Serbia and Albania, as well as inter-ethnic relations.2 However, considering that the perception of Kosovo citizens towards Albania's institutions as well as its citizens is generally very positive, this paper focuses mainly on the interpretation of the perceptions towards inter-ethnic cooperation and the institutional and inter-citizens relation between Kosovo and Serbia.

The "Kosovo Security Barometer: Special Edition" targets wide variety of audience from Kosovo, Serbia and Albania. More precisely it targets a group of audience which is interested to follow the public opinion trends in Kosovo in the field of security, justice and interethnic relations between Kosovo and Serbia citizens. The KSB targets policy makers from these three countries; international community presence in Kosovo and its headquarters; local, regional and international civil society organizations; academia in each of the targeted countries, region and in the world as well as media.