SMIDGE Webinar: Understanding Far-Right Extremism


Webinari i SMIDGE: Kuptimi i ekstremizmit të ekstremit të djathtë

On March 29, 2024, the Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS) launched the first webinar of the SMIDGE Project series, titled "Understanding & Countering Far-Right Extremism in the EU & the Balkans." The event aimed to address the pervasive threat of far-right extremism in the digital age.

Featuring a panel of experts including Prof. Tahir Abbas, Dr. Natalie-Anne Hall, Dr. Janina Pawelz and Dr. Hikmet Karčić, alongside project colleagues Dr. Sara Wilford and Dr. Ramadan Ilazi, the webinar provided valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of far-right movements. Speakers highlighted how these groups capitalize on societal insecurities and political disenchantment to mobilize support, often prioritizing spreading mistrust over promoting cohesive ideologies.

Discussion points included the role of conspiracy theories in fostering fear and the normalization of far-right ideologies within mainstream politics, particularly concerning EU integration and immigration. The webinar emphasized the need for nuanced understanding and collaborative efforts to counter the influence of far-right extremism in European societies.

The content of the webinar explored various dimensions of far-right extremism, investigating its economic, social and historical roots. Panelists discussed the impact of far-right narratives on democracy and societal cohesion, addressing the challenges posed by misinformation, social media and the rise of ethnonationalism. Additionally, speakers highlighted the importance of addressing underlying factors such as economic inequality and social polarization to effectively combat far-right extremism.

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