Launching of the report: Busting myths about KSF transition into a defence force


Publikimi i raportit: Shkundja e miteve për tranzicionin e FSK-së në forcë mbrojtëse

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) has published today the report "Busting myths about KSF transition into a defence force". This publication highlights the process of transition of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) from a limited civil protection mandate to a purely military mandate. The publication identifies the achievements so far from this process where, among other things, it finds that the development of this force is happening according to the foreseen dynamics. Moreover, the report finds that the transition as such has proven to have been an ordinary bureaucratic decision of Kosovo institutions and that its excessive politicization by Serbia and some skeptical countries turned out to be unfounded.

The report analyzes the current trajectory of the development of the KSF in the defense force which is being implemented in joint action with Kosovo's key bilateral partners. The KSF is continuing to validate group infantry capabilities, in order to maintain sovereignty and territorial integrity and contribute to peacekeeping missions abroad. Its emerging challenges are more due to internal structural problems than those of a political nature. The report argues in detail the development of force to date and challenges all the arguments of skeptics who claimed that the process as such has damaged dialogue with Serbia and that force is being built to the detriment of peace and security. The emphasis is on comparing the growth of armaments in the region and activating the security dilemma for the very fact that Serbia continues to arm itself with offensive armaments beyond the normal parameters for a region with integration ambitions in the European family. The report concludes with the findings that the need to create a well-intentioned force with a strictly defensive mandate is in line with the interests of Kosovo's strategic partners and will serve the long-term vision of achieving peace and security in the Balkans.

The launching of the report was commented by distinguished speakers who happened to be part during the process of transition of KSF back in 2018, such as Mrs Vlora Citaku, Former Kosovan Ambassador to US,  Mr Rrustem Berisha, Former Minister of Defence of Kosovo,  Mrs Shqipe Mehmeti- Selimi, Deputy, Member of Committee on Security and Defense Affairs and moderated by Mr Ramadan Ilazi, Senior Researcher at KCSS. Whereas the presentation of findings was by Dr Florian Qehaja, Chair of the Board, KCSS.

The report in English can be found HERE.