Mentor Vrajolli will speak tomorrow (30 Nov 2023) at the Annual CSO-UN Dialogue on Peacebuilding


Mentor Vrajolli do të flasë nesër (30 nëntor 2023) në Dialogun Vjetor të OShC-OKB për ndërtimin e paqes

Mentor Vrajolli, the Executive Director of the Kosovar Center for Security Studies, tomorrow will be speaking at the Annual CSO-UN Dialogue on Peacebuilding. This two-day event is scheduled to take place on November 30 and December 1, 2023, at the UN Headquarters in New York City. It will facilitate discussion of global peacebuilding efforts and strengthen partnerships between the UN and civil society organizations (CSOs).

The first day will start with open remarks from Awa Dabo, the Director and Deputy Head of the UN DPPA/PBSO. It will continue with the first main session of the day which will focus on the global context and regional, national, and local peacebuilding efforts. Mentor Vrajolli will be one of the speakers in this session, focusing on peacebuilding challenges in southeastern/eastern Europe. He is expected to address the need for intensified efforts and investments in regional peacebuilding infrastructure development as the most effective response to the dramatically increased threats to regional peace and stability which come as a direct consequence of the still-ongoing Russia’s unlawful military invasion of Ukraine. 

The first day of the event will continue with a second main session which will explore the current state of CSO-UN partnerships and ways to make them more meaningful and inclusive.  While, on the second day, the main sessions will focus on strengthening collaboration for local peacebuilding and exploring upcoming opportunities for engagement. The event will conclude with a closing consultation session to reflect on key takeaways from the dialogue and discuss the future of the CSO-UN Dialogue Initiative. Additionally, there will be side sessions on unpacking a network approach in peacebuilding and a PBC Expert Level Meeting on local peacebuilding priorities.

Overall, the Annual CSO-UN Dialogue event aims to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between CSOs and the UN to promote peacebuilding. Mentor Vrajolli's participation in this event as one of the very few CSO representatives from the continent of Europe highlights the significance of the Kosovar Center for Security Studies in peacebuilding efforts.