Polonia dhe Ballkani Perëndimor: Së bashku drejt së ardhmes


Polonia dhe Ballkani Perëndimor: Së bashku drejt së ardhmes

Institute for Eastern Studies

Mbështetur nga

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ledion Krisafi, Sanita Hadzovic, Donika Marku, Marko Pejovic, Jelica Minic Ph.D, Anna Kurowska


An important and complementary point of the EU enlargement policy is the Berlin Process, in which Poland held the presidency in 2019. Its main event was the Western Balkans Summit in Poznan (July 2019). The meeting was attended by representatives of the state authorities and NGOs from  the Western Balkans region. Thanks to the support of the EU countries, including Poland, the necessary reforms have a chance of gaining wide public support in the countries of the region.

It should be pointed out that the last 15 years have been difficult for the European Union. The bloc has been up against many crises (economic, migration, Brexit, etc.), which was also reflected in the growing Euro-scepticism of certain social groups. But how is the role of Poland and the process of European integration itself seen – and evaluated – by the representatives of the WB6? Each of them presents different points of view and different perspectives on Poland’s efforts to integrate the Western Balkans with the European Union.