Berlin Process: An additional mile toward EU Membership?


Berlin Process: An additional mile toward EU Membership?

Qendra Kosovare për Studime të Sigurisë (QKSS)

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Donika Emini


The Berlin Process of the Western Balkans (WB) has brought a new era of cooperation in the region. Launched in 2014 at the initiative of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Berlin Process is conceived as a means for several European Union member states with keen interests in the Western Balkans to engage with the six aspiring Western Balkans countries.  

The process seeks to keep the EU perspective for the region on the table while putting key EU member states in a mentorship role to steer the region through a transformation that would make it eligible for accession. The process advocates economic growth, increased cooperation and connectivity between the aspirant countries. Since its launch, the Berlin Process has become the only high-level platform of collaboration in the region. In addition, it represents the only high-level political platform that includes diverse stakeholders such as civil society and the business community.