Assessment of Private Security Companies in Kosovo


Vlerësimi i kompanive private të sigurisë

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)




Private Security Companies (PSC) are expanding industry. One of the significant changes in the security issues has to do with the emergence of the PSC’s in the world. The range of services provided by PSC’s varies from those engaged as private detectives, to guarding the transport of valuables, security in shopping and business centers, airports, as well as nuclear and military facilities.

In the period of post-conflict, the PSC emerged rapidly even in Kosovo. Their role by some has been considered as important. However, in the other side there are still uncertainties about the status of PSC’s in Kosovo. Based on some surveys, very few in Kosovo are aware about the competencies of the private security guards. Furthermore, the role of PSC’s in the security sector is becoming more important day to day. There is no doubt that the process of Security Sector Building (SSB) in Kosovo consist on the rapid emergence of this private security industry. It is estimated that the private security industry in Kosovo makes up more than 3000 security guards increasing day to day.

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) is implementing a project “Assessment of the Private Security Companies Performance”. The project foresees the draft of a assessment paper on the topic and organizing a roundtable by inviting the stakeholders (citizens, MP’s, international community and PSC’s representatives).