Assessment on the Rioting in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Implications to Kosovo (Albanian language only)


Vështrim për trazirat në Maqedoni dhe Bosnje e Hercegovinë, si dhe implikimet në Kosovë - Sistemet multietnike në pikëpyetje

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)


Alban Lepaja


This research aims to present an overview on the basis of which will compare the political circumstances of the two countries which experienced social unrest, the causes that led to the riots and ways of expression on the surface, based on different indicators as common points. Thus, the idea is to demonstrate how the these riots put into question the Balkan multiethnic systems, with a focus on the triangle Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia, and which may be prospects of these revolts in the future. This study is designed to collect different information from electronic media dealt with this topic, several publications, as well as real-small interviews for this research study. First, will examine the political context of these countries, and then present the causes and sources of riots, and expression on the surface of these revolts. In the end, this overview will affect the opportunities and potential implications for Kosovo.