Baseline Report on Gender-Based Violence in Kosovo: Community and Stakeholder Perceptions


Raporti për Vlerësimin Bazë të Dhunës në Baza Gjinore në Kosovë: Perceptimet e Komunitetit dhe Palëve të Interesit

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies

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Teuta Avdimetaj, Dea Fetiu, Dorjeta Rukiqi


This report provides a baseline assessment of Gender-based Violence (GBV) in Kosovo, with a focus on exploring key trends and challenges based on community and stakeholder perspectives. In doing so, this report relies primarily on data gathered through Key Informant Interviews (KII) and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) to obtain insights from affected communities as they articulate the presence of the threat, the factors influencing its prevalence, and how they consider the approach should be to address it. Although the legal and strategic framework on Gender-based Violence is considered advanced and mostly in line with international standards and EU regulations, the lack of adequate funding and deeply entrenched patriarchal norms in Kosovo’s society make the implementation of these laws difficult to be put into practice.