Progress Report – Made in Kosova 2010


Raporti i Progresit – Made in Kosova 2010

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS), FOL Movement, Institute of Advanced Studies (GAP), Foreign Policy Club (FPC), Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI), Balkan Policy Institute (IPOL)



While waiting for the Progress Report on Kosova of the European Commission, some organizations from the civil society have prepared the Kosova version of this report, which reflects the local evaluation and viewpoint on the progress in Kosova. This report assesses the period from October 2009 – October 2010 and covers the following areas:

Kosova – EU relations (European integration, role of EULEX),

Political and institutional progress (consolidation of institutions, elections, rule of law, fight against corruption, foreign policy),

Economic progress (economic policies, foreign trade, financial sector),

European standards (public procurement, employment, social policies) and

Sectoral policies (civil society, media, security, liberalization of visas)

Each part of the report has been evaluated based on the dimensions of legislation, general functioning of the sector, and offers recommendations to improve the situation. Since the organizations that have drafted this report are specialized in the areas they have covered, a part of the research material reflects their work on monitoring, researching, analyzing and reporting over a period of one year. Furthermore, the assessment is based on many primary and secondary sources, and on consultations with experts from the respective areas.

The purpose of this product, which is unique for the states that receive the Progress Report of the European Commission, is to offer an alternative picture of the progress (including stagnation and regress) in Kosova, reflecting thus the viewpoint and assessment of the Kosova civil society organizations on essential areas of the state governing.

The organizations that have drafted the Progress Report Made in Kosova are: Kosova Center for Security Studies (KCSS), FOL Movement, Institute for Advanced Studies GAP, Foreign Policy Club (FPC), Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI), and Balkan Policy Institute (IPOL).