"The Gordian Knot: Kosovo's obstacles towards membership into international security organisations"


“Nyja e Gordianit: Pengesat e Kosovës për anëtarësim në organizatat ndërkombëtare të sigurisë - Rasti i INTERPOL-it”

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)


Leonora Aliu, Plator Avdiu


The efforts of the Kosovo institutions in view of the country’s membership into regional and international security organisations, with particular emphasis on the International Criminal Police Organisation - INTERPOL has brought into surface the fact that they have not been successful so far. Almost since the declaration of independence (17 February 2008) the commitment of the Kosovo institutions remained more in the limits of political statements rather than concrete actions to join regional and international security organisations. Kosovo’s relevant institutions did not demonstrate the political determination to establish official relations and direct contact with INTERPOL, whilst unmik mission remains as a bridge.

The first part of this research covers the context of representation and membership of Kosovo into regional and European security initiatives and police cooperation between Kosovo and other countries. This section also analyses the importance of Kosovo’s membership into these initiatives, current challenges and the role of the brussels Agreement on regional cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia. meanwhile, the second part of the report analyses the opportunities, obstacles and priorities of Kosovo to join INTERPOL. Kosovo’s relations with INTERPOL, indirectly developed through UNMIK, non- cooperation within Kosovo’s institutions in an appropriate level to join INTERPOL, obstacles from Serbia and its allies to block Kosovo’s membership into INTErPOL, and backing-up this process by states supporting Kosovo constitute an important part of this section.

In order to advocate and provide solutions for Kosovo’s membership into INTERPOL, this research proposes two scenarios which could lead Kosovo towards membership into INTERPOL. The scenarios provide reasons for immediate need of Kosovo to get membership into INTERPOL for law enforcement purposes, as well as prevention and combating of crimes exceeding national borders, where Kosovo could contribute therein. The report also contains a set of concrete recommendations in terms of representation and membership into regional and international security organisations, with particular emphasis into INTERPOL.