Russian Interference in Kosovo: How and Why?


Ndërhyrja e Rusisë në Kosovë: si dhe pse?

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)


Pëllumb Kallaba


This report has been prepared by the Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS) with the aim of providing a holistic analysis of an important issue for Kosovo: the Russian presence and its impact at both the bilateral and multilateral level. The lack of research on security,economic and diplomatic implications that derive from the emergence of the Russian influence hinders a critical understanding of the state-building process and the complex international position of Kosovo. This report is oriented towards developing a map of evidence and challenges to the political system of Kosovo, and proceeds with a chronological historical analysis as a means to identify what has shaped critical international decisions towards Kosovo and beyond. It also generates exclusive insights through a deconstruction of the Foreign Policy intentions of Russia.

In drafting this report, the author carried out desk research, literature review and conducted electronic communication with stakeholders based in key central institutions, including representatives from the Kosovo Police, Customs, Kosovo Agency of Statistics and Government Officials. It is worth stressing that lack of official data, as well as the sensitivity to explore confidential information has critically challenged this research. For this reason, the KCSS has conducted anonymous interviews with two senior officials.