Integrated Border Management in Kosovo


Menaxhimi i integruar i kufirit në Kosovë

Forum for Security


Skënder PËRTESHI, Valdrin GRAINCA, Florentina HAJDARI


This report aims at addressing institutional actions concerning fulfillment of duties in terms of state border control, ensuring freedom of movement for all of its citizens and goods, as well as combating negative phenomena in the border area. The specific goal of this research is to discuss aspects of the Integrated Border Management (IBM). “Integrated Border Management” refers to national and international coordination and cooperation of the competent bodies involved in border security and facilitation of free movement of citizens and goods, as well as the putting in place of an efficient and effective system of border management with a common goal for an open, secure and safe and well-controlled border. Integrated Border Management is one of the main criteria of the European Union in the process of visa liberalization dialogue, as well as for other European integration processes. All countries of the Western Balkans are still in the process of implementing the IBM strategy; however general development differs from one country to another.