Little black book of organized crime groups in Western Balkans


Libër i vogël i zi për grupet e krimit të organizuar në gjashtë vendet e Ballkanit Perëndimor

Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP)

Supported by

Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, the Balkan Trust for Democracy, the German Marshall Fund of the United States


Dušan Stanković; Hulumtues nga QKSS: Shpat Balaj, Plator Avdiu


This research focuses on the six European Union (EU) accession candidates from the Western Balkans (WB6): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. Its objectives are to map the phenomenon and main characteristics of organized crime groups (OCGs) in the region. The analysis is based on the research of both primary and secondary data, using expert interviews, police announcements, official statistics, national SOCTA documents, etc.