What next for KSF: An army or not?


Çka tutje me FSK: Ushtri apo jo?

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Kosovo Security Force (KSF) was built initially with the aim to deliver tasks in the field of civil protection, assist institutions of rule of law and demining. It was and remains one of the most trusted institutions in country and as result; it is considered a pillar of statehood of the country. During the five year period, KSF proved its capacity to fulfill the actual mandate but the institution was characterized with weaknesses in the field of good governance and especially in finance management including building new professional capacities. However, challenges that characterized building of this institution did not deprive it in the beginning of the mandate as it was foreseen in the Ahtisaari Plan where a conduction of review was allowed after five years of its creation. The reason for proposing a new mandate consists on the need for consolidation of the institution from ‘bottom-up’ and not from ‘top-down’, referring the fact that so far, security institutions (especially the KSF) have been suggested from outside players and local context and needs were not considered.