What are the Implications of Pyrotechnics in Kosovo?


Cilat janë Implikimet nga Mjetet Piroteknike në Kosovë?

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)




The purpose of this policy brief is to provide an assessment about the risk of uncontrolled use of pyrotechnic means in Kosovo, suggesting taking the necessary measures towards reducing the eventual consequences which may be caused by this phenomenon. Certainly, this argument is based on the perspective of the security sector, as a result of the real implications on safety and public order and environmental security. Although the legal basis exists, state institutions have not created the basic conditions to prevent possible incidents. In this regard, there were not foreseen and undertaken awareness campaigns on the use of pyrotechnic means and it's side effects - for human health, property and the environment - plants (air and water pollution) and animals; there have not been taken the necessary measures for the qualification of the people who trade these tools, sales without permission were not prohibited, the consumers are not being protected.