Kosovo Security Barometer - Fourth Edition


Barometri Kosovar i Sigurisë - Edicioni i katërt

Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)



The fourth edition of the KSB provides a summary of public perceptions on: security and justice institutions; risks and threats towards citizens and economic stability; and internal and external threats. Compared to the previous versions, this edition of the KSB includes respondents’ answers to a set of additional questions pertaining to data protection.

The survey was carried out in the second half of October 2014, through face-to-face interviews conducted around Kosovo.The national sample from which the research was drawn featured 1,101 households, following a representative sample of the population above 18 years old in Kosovo. The ethnic breakdown of the interviewed respondents used for the purposes of this ediction of the KSB was: 87.92percent K-Albanian, 9.08 percent K-Serbian, and 3 percent others (Bosnian 1.0 percent, Turks 1.0 percent, and RAE 1.0 percent).

Perceptions presented in this report are a summary of information gathered from respondents and it only demonstrates how people perceive these institutions. Hence, this report does not represent a conclusive assessment of the quality of the work of the institutions subject to this study.

This project was supported by: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)