In-country meeting in Kosovo – Regional Youth Partnership


Takimi brenda vendit në Kosovë – Partneriteti Rinor Rajonal

On 27-29 January 2023 the Regional Youth Partnership organized in-country meetings in Kosovo and Serbia. 18 participants from Kosovo gathered in Prishtina to continue with the second activity of the Regional Youth Partnership.

On the first day the participants discussed about their experience at the Regional Peacebuilding Academy held in Podgorica in December 2022. The participants shared their takes, lessons learned and what can be discussed in the future between the youth of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. It was agreed between each other that it was amazing to create such an expanded network of youth in the region as an effort to reconcile.

On the second and third day the participants enhanced their communication skills with trainer Mjellma Doli, through creative activities, energizers and presentations. Participants reflected on various identities in the region and made efforts to understand that societies in the region are exposed to different realities. Moreover, the participants tried to find solution about public safety issues and national concerns in Kosovo. At the end the participants improvised scenarios and analysed the best ways to approach such scenarios in their communities.

The participants expressed further their willingness to make efforts towards regional reconciliation.

This project is supported by USAID and implemented by Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS), Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP), Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Sarajevo, Divac Foundation, Peer Education Network (PEN), PRONI, and International Republican Institute Global (branches in Kosovo, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia).