A group of 15 postgraduate students from Master Program of Security, Defence Policy and Diplomacy, University of Durham, paid a short study visit to the Kosovar Center for Security Studies. Their purpose for visiting the KCSS was to get introduced more closely about the general activities of the KCSS as the only think tank in Kosovo covering specifically security sector in the local and regional level. The group of students were able to familiarize with KCSS directly by its main senior officials, including the Executive Director, Florian QEHAJA, Head of Research, Pëllumb KALLABA and the Secretary, Mentor VRAJOLLI. They represented briefly the general activities conducted by KCSS so far and the role that the latter has in the local, regional and international level when it comes to security sector policy making processes.

Students were able also to ask different question about the political and institutional security situation in Kosovo. Having met during the day with some of the highest institutional leaders in Kosovo such as the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga and the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Bajram Rexhepi, students were quite well informed about the security and political processes in Kosovo, and their interest was particularly regarding the situation in the north.

This cooperation activity between KCSS and the University of Durham was not the first one that took place between both two institutions. The cooperation with Durham University dates from 2009. As a product of this cooperation, until now KCSS has provided with internship opportunity more than 5 students from Durham University students. Also, there is a great willingness between KCSS and University of Durham to continue with this productive cooperation in the future.

In conclusion, the KCSS team would like to thank these students for their expressed willingness to visit the KCSS, while it remains always in support of the development of practical research capacities.