KCSS is a partner on Regional Youth Partnership Academy (RYP)


QKSS partner në Akademinë Rajonale e Ndërtimit të Paqes-RYP

Regional Peacebuilding Academy is one of the many activities within the framework of the project “Regional Youth Partnership” where 60 participants from Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina are meeting in Montenegro to discuss a wide array of topic such as peacebuilding, conflicts and reconciliation.

The participants arrived in Podgorica on Sunday and so far they have had a chance to take part in ice-breaking sessions, energizers and team building activities. Along side the participants are attending lectures on “Contemporary Conflicts and their causes”, “Conflicts in the region: BiH, Kosovo and Serbia”, “Autocracies and Conflicts” and “Geopolitics and Conflict”. Furthermore they have the chance to learn about the impact of media as a conflict contributor, the conflict in the Middle East, Human Security and Securitization along side other activities.

The participants are actively engaging in group work discussing the similarities between the three countries, peacebuilding through the younger generation and inter-ethnic cooperation.

This academy is organized through the partnership of IRI Kosovo, IRI Serbia, IRI Bosnia and Hercegovina, BSCP, KCSS, DIVAC Foundation, PEN, University of Sarajevo and PRONI funded by USAID.